What are porcelain veneers?

Porcelain veneers are thin, durable shells that are made to fit over the front of your teeth to hide imperfections, such as stains, gaps, chips, and spaces.

Our experienced cosmetic dentist, Dr. Bradley Ross, offers three different dental veneer types:

  • Feldspathic Veneers are made from a superior porcelain material that is customized to exactly match the color and shape of the rest of your teeth.
  • Pressed Veneers are formed in wax with the end product being a perfectly constructed, dense ceramic material, which creates a stronger veneer.
  • LUMINEERS® are ultra-thin veneers that mimic the translucency of your real teeth. Lumineers® by Cerinate are special veneers that require little to no tooth enamel to be removed.

Who are the best candidates for porcelain veneers?

Anyone who wishes to adjust the size, shape, and/or color of their teeth is a good candidate for porcelain veneers. Our cosmetic dentists can close spaces as well as lengthen or shorten teeth, without affecting the natural bite. Other problems that can be corrected include gaps, chips, cracks, wear and stains.

While dental veneers are an effective way to change the look and feel of your teeth, some cases may benefit from the addition of minor orthodontics such as teeth whitening to reach the desired results.

Will porcelain veneers look like my natural teeth?

Yes. We listen to your goals and recommend porcelain veneer techniques and types based on what will offer you exactly what you want. The veneers are shaped and tinted to effortlessly blend in with the rest of your smile, hiding any detection of the veneers.

If you are concerned about the veneers looking unnatural even after talking to our cosmetic dentist, we can provide you with a preview of your new smile before undergoing any preparation, giving you a full understanding of how the end result will look. From here, you can decide whether any changes should be made.

What is the process of getting them?

First, you must schedule a consultation with a cosmetic dentist. Here, your goals and objectives will be discussed in addition to what you like and dislike about your current smile. Our dental professionals will highlight your treatment options, how long the process will take, and the cost of the procedure.

Upon addressing the specifics of your unique dental situation, our dentists will take an impression of your teeth to send to the laboratory technician to create a model. Through this step, each veneer will be custom-made and color-tinted, resulting in the best possible, most natural-looking fit.

The application of the porcelain veneer typically takes just two visits. At the first visit, your tooth will be prepared by the removal (only if necessary) of a small portion of its enamel, creating room for the new layer and avoiding a bulky, unnatural look. This step is not reversible and is typically better for teeth with more severe imperfections, such as intense discoloration, damage, or crookedness. At the second visit, your veneer will be bonded to your prepared tooth with a strong cement. For Lumineers®, there will be little to no surface removal, and the porcelain veneer will be bonded directly onto your tooth.

How will my teeth look between the two visits?

If your teeth have been filed down, you will be given temporary veneers. These will be placed on your prepared teeth to create your desired smile while you wait for the final procedure to make a more permanent solution.

How long do they last?

Porcelain veneers are designed to last for years, if not decades. For long-lasting results, our dentists recommend taking care of your teeth like you normally should, with routine flossing, brushing and check-ups. It is also beneficial to avoid hard and sticky foods that could damage your veneers. Another precaution is to wear a mouthguard at night if you have a habit of grinding your teeth. By caring for your teeth in this way, you are likely to enjoy a beautiful smile for a long time.

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